The studioMilou Team, Singapore, April 2020

The studioMilou Team, Singapore

studioMilou's teams in Singapore and Hanoi are settling well into the Work-From-Home arrangements. Interestingly, the circumstances have created a closer dynamic between our two teams, as we continue advancing our projects with efficiency and determination. We're wishing every studio in Singapore and beyond the very best in adapting and coping at this time.

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A Wave of Honey-Coloured Light, an Architectural Music Box, Singapore, April 2020

A Wave of Honey-Coloured Light, an Architectural Music Box

studioMilou's team is working on the final aspects of this beautiful multi-generational home in one of Singapore's finest streets. Inter-connecting residential elements are set on a slope and interspersed among spacious landscaped gardens, while a stunning triple volume pavilion fronts the street. By day, its meticulously designed metal and glass walls blend easily into the thick foliage and streetscape. By night, the pavilion becomes luminous with honey-coloured light emanating from a wave of over 1000 hand-crafted Bohemian crystal cylinders, each unique, composing the bespoke chandelier. When any piece is gently moved against another, a gamelan-like chiming is set off, creating a spectacular, floating instrument in what becomes an 'architectural musical box.'

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studioMilou collaboration with RL&A, France, March 2020

studioMilou collaboration with RL&A, France

Dinner on the 1st of March 2020 in the beautiful Hotel Dieu in Lyon restored by RL&A and reopened recently. Didier Reppellin, Maie Kitamura, Sixte Doussau Suzanne Ogge and Jean Francois Milou, celebrated their strategic partnership and the publication of the new edition of the RL&A conservation work, edited and published by studioMilou documents.

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Local Marble from Thanh Hoa, Vietnam, March 2020

Local Marble from Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

In the convention center in Quy Nhon, studioMilou is using the beautiful grey honey marble of Thanh Hoa to merge with the wood and natural concrete color scheme. This very common marble in Vietnam has proven in this exercise, to be a very spectacular match with this large scale project. This convention center project in Quy Nhon is scheduled to be completed in July 2020.

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“Floating City” by Nipek x KNOTS at National Gallery, Singapore, January 2020

"Floating City" by Nipek x KNOTS at National Gallery

"Floating City" is a new lighting installation, installed in the 30 meters high entrance atrium of the National Gallery Singapore, by the artists' team Nipek and KNOTS during the 'Light to Night Festival 2020'. 

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“Avenir” Press Campaign, Singapore, February 2020

Avenir Press Campaign, Singapore, February 2020

On the 3rd of February, Chow Khoon Toong (studioMilou partner and designer in charge) and Jean Francois Milou (studioMilou Principal Architect) were on the Avenir showflat with the Hong Leong representative, Tessa Kwek and Betsy Chng, for the launching of the press campaign on the project (376 luxury apartments, River Valley close, in Singapore).

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BDCC Convention Center in Quy Nhon, Vietnam, January 2020

BDCC Convention Center in Quy Nhon, Vietnam

The convention center of Quy Nhon will be completed at the end of 2020. This large project is located within the footprint of the wartime American airstrip of Quy Nhon now day transformed as a linear garden. It includes exhibition space, meeting rooms, and a theater of 1100 seats. It is designed like a long landscaped colonnade reinforcing the geometry of this Long garden and underlining the highest hill surrounding the city of Quy Nhon.

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Museum of Fine Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia, January 2020

Museum of Fine Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia

Suzanne Ogge and Jean François Milou have been involved since 2003 in the reflection about the renewal of the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi.

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Dmanisi Visitor Center, Georgia, January 2020

Dmanisi Visitor Center, Georgia

studioMilou has been involved from 2006 in the collaboration with the Georgian National Museum on the archaeological site of Dmanisi and has built in 2007 the site protection element on the most important part of the archaeological survey.

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The Beauty of River Valley Close, Singapore, January 2020

The Beauty of River Valley Close

studio Milou signed, as lead designer, its first large Condominium project in Singapore. In this important milestone in the development of our operations in Asia Pacific, StudioMilou has collaborated with the Singaporean office ADDP. The project launched in January 2020, is jointly developed by Hong Leong Holdings, Guocoland and Hong Realty (Private) will propose 376 luxurious units, and will be completed in 2023.

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