Gangil Seoul Compact City, Korea, February 2020

Gangil Seoul Compact City - A study on 3 Dimensional Public Spaces

In 2020, studioMilou designed a low-rise integrated design, including, residential, community spaces, shops, bus garage, bus terminal around an enclosed vertical garden. This garden was designed to be used at all seasons with water features becoming an ice skating ring in winter. This public space was protected by a spectacular urban canopy and was surrounded by many layers of pubic circulation. The project shortlisted as the best scheme in the first round was not selected finally by the client.

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A Concept for a City in the MENA Region, January 2020

A Concept for a City in the MENA Region

studioMilou is working to refine a concept for a city in the MENA region. This beautiful project, intended for integration into an urban master plan, is inspired by traditional heritage earthen architecture structures and low-rise pedestrian-friendly spaces. Using shade and vegetation, along with carefully calculated positioning of pillars and walls, the design facilitates natural ventilation and heat protection. More to come!

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‘The Architect’s Collection’: The Bronze Cowrie, December 2020

'The Architect's Collection': The Bronze Cowrie

The second work from studioMilou’s ‘Architect’s Collection’ of unique sculptures has just been completed. This collection, for which handcrafted objects are designed or commissioned by Jean Francois Milou, engages skilled trades and craftspeople. Below, the work is based on a small, 18th century English engraved conch shell bought by the architect on auction in Paris over twenty years ago. Appreciated for the skill of the engraving above all, Jean Francois Milou recreated it as a gift, using the cameo technique and enlarging its 100's of times. Our sincere thanks to Singapore-based Metalworks, and their committed team of tradesmen who with us worked on this beautiful, permanent object.

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Konsept Projeler – Jean François MILOU, Turkey, October, 2020

Konsept Projeler – Jean François MILOU

This week the Turkish design journal, Konsept Projeler, published an article by Jean Francois Milou, on studioMilou’s approach to the adaptive reuse of heritage buildings.

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A Landmark for Quy Nhon, Vietnam, July 2020

A Landmark for Quy Nhon

An article on studioMilou's Quy Nhon convention center has been published in the local Vietnamese newspaper Binh Dinh Online. The convention center of 25.000 m2 built within an old American airstrip of Quy Nho is nearing completion. It begins to attract praises from both local, public and newspaper. The article mentions the successful implication of studioMilou in the region and the architectural quality of the convention center.

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The Completion of the Quy Nhon Convention Centre, Vietnam, July 2020

The Completion of the Quy Nhon Convention Centre, Vietnam

studioMilou is nearing completion, at the end of this month, of the spectacular Binh Dinh Conference Centre in Quy Nhon, Vietnam. The final landscaping and interior fittings of the auditorium are underway, with our team in Hanoi overseeing a fantastic team of local architects and workers giving their all. We look forward to sharing images of the completed project, with the communities of Binh Dinh enjoying the spaces of this monumental public building and garden.

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Convention Center in Quy Nhon, Vietnam, June 2020

Convention Center in Quy Nhon, Vietnam

This spectacular venue for conference and exhibition is built along the long strip of the American airport of QuyNhon, which is located in the center of the new city. The design proposes high colonnades merging with an artificial hill, and dense greenery merging with the hilly landscape around. This long-awaited facility will include a 1200-seats theatre, an exhibition center, meeting rooms, and cafes. The project designed by studioMilou will be completed in July 2020.

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The Making of External Bronze Seats and Objects by studioMilou design, Singapore, June 2020

The Making of External Bronze Seats and Objects by studioMilou design, Singapore

studioMilou design is creating a series of exterior bronze furnitures for residential and public spaces. These seats and objects are fabricated by xxxxx and will be completed by September 2020.

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Beautiful Portrait of Trung Nguyen in 66 Magazine, Vietnam, June 2020

Beautiful Portrait of Trung Nguyen in 66 Magazine, Vietnam

Vietnamese magazine, 66, has made a beautiful portrait of Trung Nguyen; a senior architect in studioMilou Singapore and the managing director of studioMilou Vietnam.

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Negotiating Home, History and Nation, Singapore, March 2011

Negotiating Home, History and Nation, Singapore

In March 2011, studioMilou was commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) to design an exhibition curated by Iola Lenzi on the contemporary art of Southeast Asia. This exhibition in 2011 was a trial - designed in collaboration with Singapore's curators in preparation for the large exhibition design which which was opened 3 years later in 2015, in the National Gallery Singapore. 

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