studioMilou is an award-winning  international architectural design practice founded in Paris in the late 1980s, with branches in Paris, Singapore, Hanoi and Melbourne.  Our areas of expertise include  museums, cultural and public institutions, private residences, landscaping and interiors. Our teams work closely across the studios, bringing a range of creative and cultural perspectives that enrich our design practice.



Our designs philosophy is grounded in the studio’s origins. Deeply interested in the Classics and archaeology, founder Jean Francois Milou forged an early career  adapting existing historic buildings and landscapes in France to create contemporary  designs. Whether transforming a medieval marketplace in Paris or a 19th century bungalow in Singapore, the studio’s design philosophy is to create simple and legible contemporary architecture, inspired by classical forms and deeply respectful to detail and existing human and natural environments.

We work closely with our clients, treating each project, regardless of scale, with the same attention to detail, budget and delivery.