News 94, studioMilou Video Clips 07, 2023


News 94
studioMilou Video Clips 07

In June 2023, the photographer Fernando Urquijo, and the film maker Valentin Milou collaborated with StudioMilou to prepare 10 very short films to showcase one moment, one aspect of the work of the studio.

This « Clip 7 » is showing on the home desk of the anthropologist Suzanne Ogge one of the 12 music boxes fabricated by the Swiss company Reuge for the musician Karlheinz Stockhausen in 1975.

These music boxes, are for studioMilou symbols of an elegant design solution and for that reason are part of the studioMilou documentation.

This short film shows how one of these musical boxes is nestling in the everyday residential life of the architect.