studioMilou documents

    Mindful of presenting and promoting the projects in the best interests of the studio and of our clients, this team focusses on exceptional quality documents and communications. The team responsible pools strong skills in research, writing and both graphic and architectural design to produce well-informed and beautifully presented publications, (books, brochures, Website, film/audiovisual, etc.) in languages as required (including English, French and Mandarin).

    Suzanne Ogge

    Head of Editorial and Content Management
    Born in Melbourne in 1971
    Masters in Ethnology: Ecole des hautes Etudes en sciences sociales, Paris
    Post-Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, Deakin University, Melbourne
    1999-present Consultant for UNESCO Cultural Heritage Projects & Museum Development

    Fernando Javier Urquijo

    Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1964
    Architectural, Landscape and Studio Photographer

    Valentin Milou

    Audiovisual Documentalist, Paris
    Born in Paris in 1990
    Bachelor of Arts (Film - Cinematography & Editing), LASALLE College of the Arts