Peristyles 105, Slim columns and places of modern meditation


Peristyles 105
Slim columns and places of modern meditation
Walls of columns on Nassim Road, Singapore

This series of news is proposed to present the work of Jean Francois Milou and of studioMilou in exploring slim columns architecture as an “contemporary architectural pictogram” inviting “modern meditation” .

In the course of our work in Southeast Asia, we noticed that a very dense slim columns can create a type of porous wall perfectly adapted to the tropical climate. While controlling perfectly the impact of sun rays, this kind of wall gives both the feeling of strong protection and the sense of full openness to the landscape. During the past 10 years, we developed this concept of wall of slim columns while improving the fabrication process and the finishes.

We were finally able to develop at a reasonable price, a new concept of envelope perfectly adapted for the tropical climate. This envelope is composed of dense lines of slim concrete columns protecting large scale frameless glazing facades.

The Nassim road project in Singapore completed in 2022 is a good example of the development of our work on these walls of columns. This concept of slim columns with natural curvature has been the leitmotive of the design of this project, signing along Nassim road an exceptional and atypical house.

  Nassim House, Singapore