Georgia 51, Dmanisi Visitor Center, Georgia, January 2020


Georgia 51
Dmanisi Visitor Center, Georgia

studioMilou has been involved since 2006 in the collaboration with the Georgian National Museum on the archaeological site of Dmanisi and has been built in 2007 the site protection element on the most important part of the archaeological survey.

Today the GNM has commissioned studio Milou to design the new visitor center at the entrance of the site. This new visitor center will be designed as a scientific lounge framing the dramatic landscape of the valley. Under the Direction of David Lordkipanidze, Suzanne Ogge, and Jean Francois Milou, the exhibition will present at the same time the most advanced research on evolution and the most beautiful element part of the GNM medieval collection on the Christian dogma of creation ( manuscripts, frescoes, icons,…).