Hanoi Viaduct arches adaptive reuse, Vietnam

Jean-François Milou, principal architect
Trung Thanh Nguyen, project manager
Lam Nguyen, project team
Carleen Lee, project team
Trung Hieu, project team 
Dang Van Huan, project team 
Pho co jsc
Consultancy Service Scope
Concept design, basic design, detail design, construction drawing
Bidding mode
Contract period
2018 – 2019


StudioMilou has been appointed in 2018 by a private developer to develop a project for the rehabilitation of the arches of the Hanoi viaduct crossing the Asian Quarter of Hanoi.

This spectacular project has been developed in full detail in 2019 by Jean Francois Milou, Trung Nguyen and the StudioMilou Vietnam office.

In January 2024, this ambitious and atypical project is currently undergoing the long process of clearing from different administration including the railways operations office and the Hanoi mayor office.

The 400 pages working document submitted to the authorities is publicly accessible in the section “documents” of our StudioMilou website.
This document work is a good example of the methodology proposed by studioMilou in these complex urban projects.
Hanoi Viaduct, studioMilou 2019

The Hanoi viaduct as a luminous landmark within the old quarter.

The viaduct acts in the Asian quarter as a landmark attracting the city life and facilitating the wayfinding and the navigation of the visitors. It works as a background and a dynamic contribution for the public spaces around during daytime, and during night time it becomes a spectacular destination for all.