Binh Dinh Convention Centre (BDCC), Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Binh Dinh Convention Centre

In 2014, the local government in Binh Dinh province, appreciative of the ICISE project, invited studioMilou to design a new conference centre in the heart of Quy Nhon.

The brief stressed the need for a multipurpose convention centre including a ballroom, a concert venue, and spaces for exhibitions and film screenings, along with public amenities, such as cafés.

The site is both central and impressive, sitting on one of the city’s main boulevards leading to the beach, previously an American military airstrip.

A beautiful mountainous backdrop frames the conference centre, which is integrated into an expansive landscaped garden covering land that was previously part of the airport.

In a similar vein to the ICISE conference centre, the Binh Dinh Conference Centre (BDCC) is at once monumental in its lines while merging comfortably with the surrounds, here, the cityscape alongside the coast.

The site plan, showing the extent of the construction in the central park of Quy Nhon

The conference centre is built on the footprint of the military airport in the 60s

Conference centre in the landscape park in the city-centre

Conference centre in the landscape park in the city-centre

This large portico structure differs significantly from the ICISE in its focus on accommodating a wide local public for diverse activities in the context of regional, national and international events.

The main entrance in the south consists of sweeping stairs leading to a spacious outdoor lobby. Inside, the centre’s conference hall has a capacity to host conventions of up to 1200 participants.

The daily operations of the main congress hall (300 to 1200 participants), the ballroom/ restaurant (600 visitors) and the nine meeting rooms (380 participants) are carefully organised to work together so as to serve multiple functions.

An entrance dedicated to these spaces offering a full view of the garden, is provided for the conference centre on the eastern façade of the project, thus allowing multiple activities to occur simultaneously without visitor congestion or overlap.

Reception hall in the conference centre with views towards the surrounding gardens

Access towards the grand hall

The main hall

Chief Architect and Principal Consultant studioMilou singapore Jean François Milou, principal architect and lead designer Thomas Rouyrre, architect Nguyen Thanh Trung, senior architectural associate Camille Jacoulet, architectural assistant   Project Administration Tat & Associated D’Architectura Co., Ltd, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (TAD)

Technical Consultants TAD C&S, civil & structural engineering Peutz, Stéphane Mercier, acoustics Architecture et Technique, scenographic engineering Nicolas Ingénierie, Raoul Nicolas, AV/IT   Client Binh Dinh People’s Committee Binh Dinh Key Projects Management Unit and PMU Binh Dinh Area: 22,000 m² Construction Cost: 10,000,000 USD Completion Date: December 2015