News 80, studioMilou award for the 12 ministry project in Hanoi


News 80
studioMilou award for the 12 ministry project in Hanoi

On Friday 8th October the awards ceremony confirmed the 3 winners of the 12 ministries competition. The award B was given by the ministry of construction to studio Milou design team along with The German company GMP ( award C), and the Japanese firm Nikken Sekkei (award A).

The representative of studioMilou Lam Nguyen received the award in Hanoi, along with our local partners in this competition.

Our approach created a linear east- west pedestrian landscape composed of many gardens, around which an elegant series of ministry buildings creates an architectural ensemble unified with undulating veils of metal, glass and perforated GRC panels. Designed to protect pedestrian and offices from the elements and soften the light, this signature element also references the colours and moods of traditional Vietnamese weaving. By night, depending on the lighting scheme chosen, transparency between the veil, offices and the gardens creates a lantern like effect. Interiors, like the exterior, create harmonious environments, including working, common and exhibition spaces, among others.

Each ministry has its own private garden at street level protected by a low-rise colonnade integrated in the foliage of the landscape. This garden, seen from the suspended public garden will form like a sunken courtyard filled with water features and dense planting. It will serve for all the outdoor public function of the ministry and will fill the lobby with the view towards the fresh and green background of this private landscape.

On the garden, and in addition to the main central garden connecting east and west to the station, 12 small public gardens will be designed as quiet and peaceful focus on Vietnamese flowers, plants and landscapes. They will be separated from the central garden by the same type of low-rise slim colonnades and will be place for respite and meditation in the garden.

At the heart of this project is the sharing of spaces, light and landscapes between the public and the administration, with the intention of creating more porous and accessible government working spaces, amid a welcoming garden offering a moment of pause in a major city.

Congratulations and thanks for this near win to our fantasitc teams in studioMilou Singapore and Vietnam, and especially our exceptional designer/director in Hanoi, Nguyen Thanh Trung, who worked closely with our lead architect, Jean Francois Milou. Thanks also to our partners, DPA, HUPI and HDC.