Peristyles 106, Slim columns and places of modern meditation


Peristyles 106;
Slim columns and places of modern meditation
the Bougon Peristyle, France

This series of news is proposed to present the work of Jean Francois Milou and of studioMilou in exploring slim columns architecture as an “contemporary architectural pictogram” inviting “modern meditation” .

From 1993, studiomilou has tried to develop the “slim columns peristyle in the landscape ” as a protective yet open building typology inviting silence, distant view towards the landscape, and reflexion.

This work began in 1993 with the museum of Bougon described by the French newspaper Le Monde as “ un portique ou l’on passe”, as an introduction to the Neolithic archaeological site of the burial mounds of Bougon.

The museum is invisible from the arrival parking space and is standing at a distance of 1 kilometre from the Neolithic archaeological site.

The contemporary structure of the new museum is weaving a respectful relationship with an exiting monastic farm house of the middle age. As such the new peristyle is not deleting any historical elements on site, but is developing a careful new composition with the architectural fabric of the monastic farm.

This project has been published in many architectural publications and has been nominated for the French award “l’équerre d’argent 1993” .

Bougon Burial Mounds Museum, Bougon, France