News 20, NUS – The Architecture Society (TAS) Students Visit, Singapore, February 2019


News 20
NUS – The Architecture Society (TAS) Students Visit

A group of students from NUS, School of Design & Environment came to visit studioMilou. It has been an enjoyable afternoon spent with these architects-in-the-making – we wish you all the very best, and to catch up again soon.

We would like to express our thanks to:

Emma Lau Si Ying (Year 3 – TAS Representative)

Lee Lip Jiang (Year 3 – TAS Representative) Chung Er Pei (Year 5) Lee Hong Xuan (Year 2) Joshua Andrew De Souza (Year 2) Teng Ying Shi (Year 2) Esther Tan Sze Ern (Year 2) Janine Danielle Dela Cruz (Year 4) Leong Wei Xiang Gordon (Year 2) Kong Wai Yee (Year 3) Bonnie Ye (Year 3) Wee Zhi Yun Amanda (Year 3) Choo Qing Yuan (Year 3) Zeng Yanyue (Year 4) Benedict Tay (Year 4) Zhong Yuqin (Year 3) Leo Lin (Year 5) Tan Se Yong (Year 2) Tan Yan Ni (Year 3) Goh Zhi Yu (Year 3) Ryan Gunawan (Year 1) Lim Si Yi (Year 3) Lim Xin Jie Shirley (Year 3) Goh Qian Wei, Sherry (Year 3) Fong Shi Yuan (Year 3) Ahmad Nazaruddin (Year 3)