News 26, 28 years later, The Journalist Jean Francois Pousse and the Photographer Fernando Urquijo, May 2019


News 26
28 years later, The journalist Jean Francois Pousse and the Photographer Fernando Urquijo

The journalist Jean François Pousse wrote the first publication on 1992 on our Cerizay urban project  when he was the editor in chief of « Technique and Architecture ». Jean Francois Pousse introduced me at that time to the photographer Fernando Urquijo when I was looking for a photographer for a social housing project in this urban project in Cerizay. 28 years later , Jean Francois Pousse published an article and an interview of Jean Francois Milou about the “ Comedie de Saint Etienne” in the a new issue of Architecture CREE. Fernando Urquijo is still the exclusive photographer of the Studiomilou and he made all the photos for this article.