Twin Peaks, Singapore

Jean-François Milou, principal architect
Cheryl Lim, designer in-charge
Trung Nguyen, designer in-charge
Nguyen Phuong, project team member
Le Ngoc Toan, project team member
Siqi Chen, project team member
Menghua Yin, project team member
Consultancy Service scope
Interior Design – Concept, Detailed Design and Tender Documentation
Contract period


After the completion of the Twin Peaks residential development, OUE appointed studioMilou Singapore to restructure 9 small studios remaining unsold into 3 high-end triplex.

The design has been developed by studioMilou Singapore, providing different options for the buyers of these residences, regarding the interior design of each triplex. Two colour and material schemes have been proposed and detailed.

1/ The light colour scheme with white marble, golden wood and bronze accents.

2/ The dark colour scheme with black marble, walnut wood and bronze accents.

The design has been developed during the year 2022. We present in this section the evolution of the design from the first monochromatic design intent to the more later stage of the design taking in account the requirement of the client in terms of material and colour.

The final version of the design is collated in a marketing booklet, published by OUE.

The implementation of the project is still under consideration on the client’s side.