“Negotiating Home History and Nation”, Singapore

Negotiating Home History and Nation

This exhibition design project was undertaken as an exercise in the preparation of our large exhibition design work for the National Gallery.

The aim of this exercise was more to master all the communication between the Singapore Art Museum and the curator in the context of the very limited time frame for the making of the exhibition.

studioMilou senior staff member, Phillip Burns, took the responsibility of coordinating the relationship with all the stakeholders of the exhibition in close contact with the chief curator, Iola Lenzi and Tan Boon Hui.

As a result, this exhibition design exercise was about resolving all the technical problem linked to the installation and the documentation of the collection in the space following the intent of the curator.

In this context, the curators were really the leading force for all decisions regarding the artworks in the space and studioMilou saw it role as a facilitating role to achieve a good flow among the artworks and to support the curator’s vision. As a result, this collaboration with the Singapore Art Museum was for studioMilou a very useful “zero design” exercise.

installation by Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

studioMilou senior exhibition designer, Phillip Burns before the opening of the exhibition in September, 2011

school desks installation by Sutee Kunavichayanont