School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Jean-François Milou, principal architect
Nguyen Thanh Trung, project leader
Jason Tan, project team member
National University of Singapore
10,000 m2
Consultancy Service scope
Master plan, Preliminary & Concept Design
Bidding mode



The new NUS School of Computing is distributed vertically to accommodate various degrees of privacy from the top, being most private, hosting collaborative and thinking processes in the research cluster, to the bottom, where the buzz of university life takes place.

The social deck becomes the arrival point of visitors accessing the site by vehicular means. This space mediates between the water landscape, on which the school hovers, and serving as a pause, before one progresses to the link way above.

The 24 – hour link way provides the physical connection between the School of Computing and Smart Nation Cluster.

As a gentle curve, inserted into the existing Yellow Ceiling Network, students and visitors will be encouraged to navigate through the unique spatial configurations of the school.

The planned greenway will not only find itself as gesture for sustainable living, but to be fully embedded into the water landscapes it sits along, providing a beautiful view of the surrounds.

Jean Francois Milou conceptual sketch for the design

night view of the project from the main access road

bird-eye view of the project from the main access zone

view of the cafeteria overlooking the landscape

perspective of the new restaurant of the university