“Ring of Peace”, Da Nang, Vietnam

Jean-François Milou, principal architect
Trung Nguyen, project leader
Lam Nguyen, project team member
Phuong Nguyen, project team member
Hieu Luong, project team member
Linh Le, project team member
Da Nang People’s committee
Consultancy Service scope
Masterplan, Concept design, landscape
Bidding mode
1st Prize in Competition
19 ha
Contract period


In the coming months, studioMilou is to start work on our new public landscaping and design project for the 29 March Lake in Da Nang, Vietnam, a natural site commemorating the city’s Veteran’s Day.

The project creates a beautiful new landmark at the Lake site – an elliptic colonnade representing a ‘Ring of Peace’, while rejuvenating the Lake itself and its surroundings through sustainable drainage and cleaning processes for the water, new plantations that enhance the area’s biodiversity, and the sensitive integration of public amenities including a café, water park and playground to the north of the Lake.

Our design, with its calming form, and covered promenade, offers local communities and other visitors a meditative environment for gathering, walking, reflection, and enjoyment. While large in scale, the simplicity and elegance of this elliptic form tend to merge unobtrusively with the existing landscape.

All efforts will also be made to minimize interference with the ecosystem, with construction guided by a thorough environmental impact study. Priority will also be given to contributing to the local economy through the use of both local materials and contractors.

The rejuvenation of the 29th March Park in Da Nang

The rejuvenation of the 29th March Park in Da Nang will consist in four key actions:

(1) A design for a cleaner water, a greener park — The extension of the perimeter promenade with a full peripheral stairs to access to water and the creation of a circular drainage to fully control the quality of the water coming in the new lake. The new 29th March lake will be cleaner, greener and more suitable for aquatic life to grow and breed.

(2) New activities discretely integrated in a network of pavilions and Lanterns — The creation in a group of rectangular lanterns of an activity zone, including playgrounds, water park, restaurants, café, parking spaces in the North of the lake. These lanterns will contain a three dimensional landscape in which the different activities and tenant spaces will be integrated in a discreet manner. These lanterns will be integrated in an orthogonal landscape grid of the new park.

(3) A new orthogonal landscape grid reinforcing the current landscape — The restoration of a balanced plantation and landscape plan, to replace the old trees by young ones and to reinforce the density of landscape surrounding the lake. It is not the intention of the proposal to entirely redesign the Lake surroundings, but instead of reinforcing it by bringing the new orthogonal grid of plantation providing solution for more dense plantations. this design solution will allow to create more protected area for the public with spectacular open views toward the lake.

(4) An Elliptic Colonnade, a ‘Ring of Peace’— Finally, the signature element of the proposal, is to create a “Ring of Peace”, an elliptic colonnade in the north of the lake, as a monument celebrating the liberation of Da Nang in a subtle manner and providing a spectacular destination in Da Nang for a quiet and peaceful promenade and reflection. This Monument accessible to all, will be one of the key landmark in the city and its iconic, and yet simple, design will be a game changer in this part of Danang.

Visitor facilities provided around the lake

Zone A, A family destination on the north of the Park: In the north of the park, along the Dien Bien Phu avenue, some of the existing infrastructure will be reintroduced in the design and some new will be created. These elements are the following:

  • Bus interchange infrastructure
  • Main car drop off and access to the underground parking
  • Garden restaurant
  • Open Nursery and educational center
  • Water playground and café
  • Outdoor playground

Zone B, The “Ring of Peace” as a monument, the “Ring of Peace” as a destination for the families,

We understand that the “Ring of Peace” will be a monument dedicated to the liberation of Da Nang, and this monument will have its own strength and beauty as a monument. At the same time, the “Ring of Peace” should become a destination for all at all times within the park in addition to the activities hosted in the pavilions on the north of the project (playground, waterpark,). Some cafes and community spaces will be incorporated, as part of the visitor experience, in the north and the south of the colonnade.

Our intention is to bring within the elliptic water body a system for one hundred jet and mist diffusers to create spectacular water play and projection effects and to bring in the park the fresh and cool ambiance of the humidity flowing along the colonnade. Additionally, the design proposes a large garden café facing the elliptic pool and an outdoor theater for concerts and events.

  • Daytime animation
  • Night time animation

Zone C, Around the lake: Around the lake, new facilities can be displayed along the visitor promenade:

  • Outdoor cinema area by the Lake
  • Outdoor concert area on the west of The Ring
  • Lake restaurant on the south of The Ring
  • Rowing boat rental pavilions and decks
  • Camping areas on the East of the lake