Racha Museum Exhibition, Racha, Georgia

Jean-François Milou, principal architect
Siqi Chen, design leader
Menghua Yin, project assistant
Georgian National Museum
Consultancy Service Scope
Concept design, detail design
500 sqm
400,000 USD
Contract period


As a long-term partnership between Georgian National Museum and studioMilou, we collaborated with the GNM team to build the permanent exhibition of the collection in the provincial museum of Oni in the Racha region of Georgia. This region has been, for centuries, an active mining and blacksmith culture and a crossroad of exchanges from the Greek and Roman times. The archaic myth of the Golden Flees and the Prometheus came from south Caucasus region and reflects the role of this region as the cradle of the Western metallurgy.

The permanent exhibition will display the collection for different sectors in a chronological order, showing at the same time all the cultural influences and the commonality of the Colchis culture.

Through the evolution of millions of years of this confronting landscape and complex ecosystems, human activities went through different stages in the recent centuries, showing enduring cultural traits.


Sector 1 – From Prometheus to currency
Axes and jewels
From offering to currency



Sector 2 – Trade Crossroads and influences
Colchis and Greek
Sassanid and Persian
Byzantine and Ottoman
Georgian and Christian



Sector 3 – Georgian country life
Persistence of the Colchis culture
Persistence of the Christian culture
Our Georgian grand fathers