Planetarium, QuyNhon, Vietnam

The QuyNhon Planetarium, Vietnam

The QuyNhon Planetarium Project is a partnership between the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) near the City of Quy Nhon, which has created the country’s sole non-governmental and benevolent institution dedicated to cultural and scientific research and dialogue. The planetarium is situated adjacent to the ICISE Conference Centre, and offers a constant programme of conferences and exhibitions open to the general public of the Binh Dinh region.

The planetarium design creates a modest yet elegant filigree dome, unobtrusive within this beautiful coastal landscape, and opening endless perspectives to the wonder of the site’s spectacular night skies. studioMilou has also created the planetarium’s exhibitions, offering interactive displays and enchanting experiences for visitors of all ages, with a special focus on attracting local communities and less advantaged children and families.

perspective of the main pedestrian access towards the planetarium

the promenade act as the colonnade of the planetarium facing the landscape

perspective of the entrance lobby

perspective of the planetarium spherical projection room

Construction Stage