Notre-Dame de la Pentecôte Church, Paris, France

An unfinished church

The competition for the Notre Dame de la Pentecôte Church, held at the beginning of 1994, aimed to build a Catholic church in the major business centre of La Défense in Paris on an extremely tight site between three tower blocks and on a platform overhanging a motorway.

In this project an attempt was made to continue the use of decorative artworks that had already been tried out at Bougon, through the use of bronze flooring slabs and gilded frescos in the entrance area, in a very uncluttered architectural design (see notes to the Bougon project).

A pragmatic approach to the project led to the design of an “unfinished church”, in which the various artworks employed (bas reliefs, stained glass windows and video images) would gradually fill in the external façades of the building and the interior walls of the nave and aisles.

painting of the interior of the church by Haby Bonomo

detail of model

perspective painting by Haby Bonomo


facade study collage with brass chemical engraving