National Gallery Singapore, Exhibition Design – 5 Years of Internal Documentation, Singapore

5 Years of Internal Documentation

studioMilou tries always to keep a complete documentation reflecting the design process and the collaboration with the client side. For the exhibition design work, a series of 8 books are reflecting all the different stages of the design development.

  • Volume 1, Exhibition Design Concept, Dec 2008
  • Volume 2, Curatorial & Exhibition Design Workshop, October 2009 
  • Volume 3, Revised Exhibition Design Concept, October 2009
  • Volume 4, Interpretative Document & Design Intent, October 2010-January 2011
  • Volume 5, Exhibition Design, Aug 2011 
  • Volume 6, Schematic Design, May 2012
  • Volume 7, Schematic Design Catalogue & Annexes, May 2012
  • Volume 8, Exhibition Design Tender Documentation, September 2012 

This documentation of a few thousand pages collate all the drawings, sketches and texts made by studioMilou in the course of the design development of the exhibition design proposal for the National Gallery. It represents, for our studioMilou internal use, a very significant documentation about the design methodology of studioMilou applied to the exhibition and museum.


This work was part of the overall exhibition design work developed by the studio between 2009-2012 for the exhibition of the National Gallery, Singapore; the link below gives a summary of the overall work done for the exhibition:



8 volumes of studioMilou documentation for exhibition design

the 5 volumes of studioMilou exhibition design books leading to the submission of preliminary design in July 2011

the process of developing the schematic design till May 2012 after preliminary design has been carefully documented for our internal use