UNESCO Mission, Island of Bali, Indonesia

Project Team
Jean François Milou, principal architect
Suzanne Ogge, museum and international projects specialist


Consultancy Service Scope
Mission Study

Year of Completion


A heritage route

This mission was carried out at the wishes of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre by Ron von Oers (Holland), Stephen Bond (England) and Jean François Milou. Financed by the UNESCO Netherlands Funds-in-Trust.

The mission aimed to assist the Indonesian authorities in drawing up a candidature dossier for the inscription of four sites on the Island of Bali on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This mission therefore aimed to investigate how to inscribe sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List that are at once living sites and that can serve as conservation areas for living traditions.

The mission therefore sought a solution that would meet the expectations both of the Balinese village communities and of the international community interested in better understanding this culture (whether tourists, students or researchers).

We set ourselves the task of thinking more deeply about the meeting places, along a heritage route, between the foreign visitor and the village communities in charge of the sites concerned.

This mission was a preliminary exploratory mission to explore a heritage strategic approach and has paved the way for the nomination of cultural landscape of the Subak system in the Bali province in 2012:

Heritage café

cyclical reconstruction of the Bali temples

mountain rice fields

Mission Study