Ham Long Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

Jean-François Milou, principal architect
Trung Nguyen, project leader
Hieu Luong, project team member
Huan Dang, project team member
Thanh Cong Land
Consultancy Service scope
Concept design
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A spectacular setting of hundreds of lanterns illuminating and complementing the presence of the ancient church of Ham Long beside. It is a work of art located in the old quarter of Hanoi, pleasing to the eye and capturing the attention of the passer-by.

A restaurant space and cafeteria on the first floor are designed to seamlessly connect with the pavements along the street, a distinct and cherished feature of the colorful streets of Hanoi.

The façade is uniquely designed, optimizing viewing angles while also providing the privacy needed for guests to this hotel. The green space is designed to create a beautiful and surprising landscape area. Internal spaces have state-of-the-art accommodation with warm colors, gentle yet elegant, with panoramic views of the neighborhood and surrounding areas of Hanoi.

Stepping into the main hall, visitors will be in awe of the height of the double volume entrance lobby, finished with beautiful materiality and soft light. Towards the end, the visitors will be left with a lasting impression of the hotel and its surroundings.

main facade of the hotel along Ham Long street

bird-eye view of the back facade of the hotel

inner view of the lobby of the hotel with view towards Ham Long street

internal view of the room designed as suspended lanterns over Ham Long street