Furniture Design, 6 Chairs

Jean-François Milou, principal designer
Menghua Yin, project designer
Project stage
Concept Design


Design intent for a set of 6 chairs in tropical wood to be fabricated in south east Asia for the middle/high end interior design and furniture market, the concept is at this stage to sell the 6 chairs as a whole for 6000 US dollars.

*At this stage we are looking for a furniture company, willing to embark with us in the fine tuning, prototyping, testing, fabricating and marketing this project. 

As a family, the 6 chairs are the same, at the same time they are different. They have more or less obvious differences…

The fabrication will be simplified to use very limited amount of components of full wood assembled together to form a myriad of possible variation.

All together, they seems to talk together all the time…