National Gallery Singapore, Encyclopedia of Southeast Asian Art, Singapore

Jean François Milou, principal architect
Philip Burns, project team member
Suzanne Ogge-Milou, project team member
Pamela Choo O’Neill, project team member
Goh Jiarong, project team member
Nguyen Tranh Trung, project team member
Eudora Tan, project team member
May Leong, project team member
Jason Tan, project team member
National Gallery Singapore
Consultancy Service scope
Exhibition Design
Contract Period


During the development of studioMilou exhibition design from 2008-2012, we have tried to create a design system which would allow the gallery to be a platform to welcome many layers of content. In our view, the National Gallery should not be an exercise of hanging the collection only. The National Gallery should be a welcoming place where all the artists, curators, influencers could have a voice. The Sala system was the concept to bring in the gallery space all the curatorial voices, additional documentation, secondary artworks in a very organic way. It’s internal flexibility would have allowed easy updates and adjustments along the life of the exhibition. This Sala concept in our view would have given the National Gallery the density, the flexibility, and the unique character of a 3-dimensional encyclopedia of Southeast Asian Art.


This work was part of the overall exhibition design work developed by the studio between 2009-2012 for the exhibition of the National Gallery, Singapore; the link below gives a summary of the overall work done for the exhibition:


Conceptual Study