Danang Museum, Danang, Vietnam

Jean-François Milou, principal architect
Trung Thanh Nguyen,
project manager
Goh Jiarong, exhibition leader
Lam Nguyen, project team member
Luong Trung Hieu, project team member
Ng Thu Phuong, project team member
Le Quang Dung, project team member
Le Ngoc Toan, project team member
Danang People’s Committee
Bidding mode
1st Prize in Competition
13,500 m2
Consultancy Service scope
Conceptual Design, Detailed Design,
Tender Documentation
Contract Period
2019 – ongoing
2023 – ongoing


Our proposal try to design a very clear addition to the historical building which very respectful, finely adjusted, for all the specialist of strict conservation by nature non intrusive, reversible and legible.

The new wing is designed has a porous contemporary patio open on all sides to the city surroundings allowing pedestrian to flow from the new pedestrian Piazza in front of Han river to the existing library.

Architecturally, the design of the new wing is clearly reflecting contemporary approach of architecture and does not try to mimic the historical building fabric. It is design a porous patio of thin columns and screens creating filtered and a soft light in the museum space and a spectacular destination in the new pedestrian zone of then center of Danang.

general bird-eye view from the north of the site

view from the central courtyard between the new wing and the existing building towards the main lobby

view towards the connection with the library at the second stage of the project

view towards the main lobby after finishing the exhibition tour