Consultative Urban Project, Cerizay, France

Jean-Francois Milou, project manager
Jean Langlois, project architect
Louka Tsouladze, project architect
Jean Merlet, project architect
Christophe Corny, project architect
Patrick Thomas, project architect
Technical contractors
BTP Niort, (BET Structure)
JY Billy, (BET Fluids)
Project Year


A project of connections

Cerizay, a small town of 5,000 inhabitants situated on the edges of the Vendée bocage, suffers from its outlying position in the Deux-Sèvres department. Three quarters of the town were destroyed by German bombing in 1944. Today, the town is divided into four parts by two major roads.

This working-class town, whose population has multiplied five times in 15 years, owes its expansion to the business of the Heuliez family, which, like many neighbouring businesses in the same area, chose local development in a region not well served by rail and road connections.

However, this population growth, as well as the development of the town’s needs in terms of public services, has caused the Ville de Cerizay to undertake a project of urban reconstruction accompanied by the change into an urban area of this large rural town.

The main objectives identified by the town were the following:

• To strengthen the historic centre by constructing commercial buildings, housing and facilities;

• To connect the upper with the lower town by development work marking out a pedestrian route through the town;

• To offer new services to the employees of companies making the choice to settle in Cerizay.

View of the pedestrian route from the Baudin housing

Entrance walkway to the Baudin housing

Plan showing finished projects

Pérochon school

The new covered market

Studio Milou Architecture Project manager   collaborated on this project with: Jean Langlois, architect Louka Tsouladze, architect Jean Merlet, architect Christophe Corny, architect Patrick Thomas, architect   Technical Consultants BTP Niort, BET Structure JY Billy, BET Fluids

The projects that Jean François Milou was project manager for between 1986 and 1993 are as follows: • 1986 : school of Pérochon, 1.219.600 € contracting authority : ville de Cerizay • 1987 : 19 PLA housing units, 1.067.150 € contracting authority : Opac Nord Deux-Sèvres • 1988 : Pilot Post Office, 1.067.150 € contracting authority : ville de Cerizay, Direction des Postes • 1990 : Youth Residence, 106.700 € contracting authority : Opac Nord Deux-Sèvres, ville de Cerizay • 1991 : 58 PLA housing unit, 2.896.500 € contracting authority : Opac Nord Deux-Sèvres, ville de Cerizay • 1993 : Public areas, 762.200 € contracting authority : ville de Cerizay • 1993 : Covered market, 609.800 € contracting authority : ville de Cerizay