“House N” On Site Progress & Construction, Singapore, April 2019

“House N” On Site Progress & Construction

The construction of the facade, adorned with colonnades is underway.

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NUS – The Architectural Society (TAS) Students Visit, Singapore, February 2019

NUS-TAS Students Visit

A group of students from NUS, School of Design & Environment came to visit studioMilou. It has been an enjoyable afternoon spent with these architects-in-the-making – we wish you all the very best, and to catch up again soon.

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“House N” On Site Progress & Discussion, Singapore, March 2019

“House N” On Site Progress & Discussion

Jiarong Goh and Trung Nguyen in the large opening of the double volume space of the living room of House N in Singapore. Perspectives, samples of finishes, mock up of columns, ceiling and screens of wood and bronze were previously presented to the client on site within a three dimensional mock up. 

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Hotel ProScience Site Progress, Quy Nhon, Vietnam, February 2019

The foundation work of the Hotel ProScience in Quy Nhon is almost completed. The architectural works will begin after Chinese New Year. The works are followed by our site office team in Quy Nhon.

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Binh Dinh Convention Centre Site Progress, Quy Nhon, Vietnam, February 2019

The entire roof slab of the centre has been casted on site after Chinese New Year, the scaffolding will be omitted in the coming month. The relationship of the roof, the extensive staircases, the monumental vertical columns begins to appear.

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Hanoi Viaduct Site Visit, Hanoi, Vietnam, January 2019

Jean François Milou and Trung Nguyen visited the site with Mister Dzhong in January 2019. This visit with our Hanoi office team, helped us to identify the different relationship the Hanoi Viaduct has with the surrounding public spaces and human activities.

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Jean Francois Milou, with the architect Fedrick Svensted in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, November 2018

Jean François Milou, presented 2 shortlisted projects in the WAF 2018, (Place de la Brèche, and the La Comedié de Saint-Etienne) and was judging the 'Large Scale Residential' category this year.

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Conférence de la saison du patrimoine architectural (AHS) de l’URA, Singapour, novembre 2018

Conférence de la saison du patrimoine architectural (AHS) de l'URA, Singapour, novembre 2018

En novembre 2018, Jean François Milou a été invite à donner une conférence sur la conception de ses premiers espaces publics architecturaux en Europe dans le cadre de URA’s Architectural Heritage Season (AHS). La conférence a eu lieu à ‘The Chamber, The Arts House’, à Singapour.

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Hong Kong Article, Hong Kong, September 2018

The very influential xxxx Hong Kong newspaper interviewed Jean François Milou about his works on reusing existing historical buildings in September 2018.

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“Leading Lights” – Singapore Airlines SilverKris Magazine, Singapore, August 2018

“Leading Lights” – Singapore Airlines SilverKris Magazine

Une architecture époustouflante et avant-gardiste illumine la scène du design à Singapour. La nouvelle entrée de la National Gallery Singapore en première page du magazine Singapore Airline, Krisflyer d'août 2018.

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