Rail Corridor, Singapore

The vision

The overall vision is one of a larger-than-life path meandering through Singapore with a life of its own, an extensive flow of greenery and life which is not so much encroached upon by the city as encroaching on the city. In this vision, the built interventions are secondary to the abundance and constant flourishing of the natural environment, and to the charm of the Rail Corridor. studioMilou’s design philosophy is based on a consistent attachment to context, to the historic significance and complexity embodied by each project. For studioMilou, all projects require a unique architectural solution which defers to the local surroundings and offers highly legible designs striving for simplicity and accessibilty.  This approach has become a sort of ‘trademark’ of the studio, achievable only through the rigorous study of a project’s complexities and character. It involves not only comprehending all aspects of a site physically, but grasping what it represents historically and in the present for the civil society to whom it belongs. The Rail Corridor will be at once an intimate and a shared environment, a green and lyrical haven, offering respite from the pressures of city life. A place which reassures Singaporeans of intentions to improve their quality of life and gives many opportunities to connect with nature; a basic human desire. The design creates, within this far-reaching and verdant corridor, places of silence, peacefulness, and places for modern meditation and discovery for all. Aside from being agreeable, this environment will have practical benefits in terms of encouraging healthier living and social cohesion. In time, it will also have the potential to become a major attraction as an exceptional parkland by international standards. In our proposal, the design is presented in its ‘generic’ form, to stress its adaptability to all contexts along the Rail Corridor; this modularity, along with the design’s ability to blend with the Corridor’s existing character, being key strengths.

conceptual perspective showing the main landmark in the railway corridor

open pools along the landscape

proposed connection with the public space and the mrt station

view of the Tanjong Pagar raiway station after restoration

integration of wet landscape along the corrirdor