Quy Hoa Village Heritage Masterplan, Quy Hóa, Vietnam

Jean-François Milou, principal architect
Trung Thanh Nguyen, project manager
Hieu Luong, project team member
Jason Tan, project team member
Jiarong Goh, project team member
292 ha
Consultancy Service Scope


The Studio was in charge of drawing up a master plan for the protection of the landscape heritage of the village of QuyHoa on the outskirts of the city of QuyNhon. This Village is now a Hospital Village dedicated to welcoming families of leprosy patients. It includes a hundred modest houses, a monastery of Catholic nuns, a Church and a hospital. None of the inhabitants own a car and all traffic is on foot or on two wheels, which gives character and charm to this seaside village.

The project aims both to limit urban proliferation and to protect the landscape and character of the village of QuyHoa. This strategy also aims to make these boundaries between urban area and landscape area the future ‘Prime locations’ of the urban landscape, a good distance from the seaside.


view of the existing network of roads and lanes in the village

sketch by Jean Francois Milou for the development of the masterplan


bird-eye view of the proposed masterplan from the east

bird-eye view of the proposed masterplan from the west

conservation of the existing network of pedestrian lane in the village